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The Real Benefits of Agent Engagement image

There is one aspect that really stands out with a successful contact centre and that is their ability to retain great people. Are these positive people that simply thrive in the contact centre environment or does the company itself have a lot of influence on keeping them there? Perhaps it’s a bit of both, but for those contact centres that think that high attrition rates are the acceptable norm in the industry, it turns out there is a lot to learn from the companies getting it right. There’s a saying: “Look after your people and they will look after your customers.” Simply put, investing in agent engagement and getting it right can have a direct impact on your business bottom ...

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So you’re ready to launch Live Chat? image

Chat is the fastest growing channel in contact centres right now. It’s instant, easy and text based. However the technology is only part of the story. Testing and recruiting Advisors on spelling and grammar is only scratching the surface. Here are some other considerations: What are the projected contact types/volumes e.g. most common contact types. Thinking about how to reduce and deflect them with self service will help your chat channel not to get swamped. What is the goal of chat? Resolution, service/support or sales? Or all of the above? Do your Advisors see that goal the same as you? What is the vision for the customer types who will use chat? Are your Advisors clear on Brand voice and ...

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Emoji’s in Customer Service – Cheeky or Charming? image

There was a time when smiley faces were viewed as childish and unprofessional in business communications, but things are changing. A recent study at Penn University showed that use of emoji’s increased customer satisfaction by 78% compared to plain text. 🙂 Emoji’s are winning customers over more than words and wise customer service agents are incorporating them into communications. Does that mean you use a smiley face at the end of every sentence or with every customer?  Well no, because using emoji’s is not about being cute, it’s about connecting on a more human level. Empathy and emoji’s More than anything else customers want to be understood. If they are tired or frustrated, they don’t want sympathy, they want someone ...

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Digitization in the contact centre – what to keep in mind image

Digitization can offer many advantages to contact centres provided it’s implemented correctly.  Digital customer service responds to customers’ needs for easily accessible multi-channel interactions, often on-the-go via mobile devices. When done right it can save time and money for both the business and customers. Digitization is generally tasked to the technology department and technicians are focused on the task of getting technical details of the implementation right. The result is that the impact to employees, the operations of the contact centre or to customers calling in can be overlooked. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, here are 4 important considerations: Understanding complexity – what is most important? While technology is capable of many things, organic flexibility is not always one ...

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You’re hired! That’s it? image

Traditionally the call centre industry has a bad reputation for hiring people and then throwing them in the deep end. It used to be that as long as you had a pulse you were hired, given a headset and shown to a cubicle with a script to start answering calls. No training, just a brief induction, then get on the phone and start talking. Answer calls, talk to customers and make them happy. If only it were that simple. Communication is an art, especially when you are dealing with people that are angry, upset or impatient. In a recent survey, 70% of contact centre managers admitted they didn’t provide regular soft skills training – training that would equip agents better ...

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Carolyn Blunt makes the inaugral Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers image

Real Results Training is delighted to share with you that our Managing Director; Carolyn Blunt was recently announced as one of the Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers. Those of you who have worked with Carolyn in their Contact Centre or follow her on Twitter will already know why but here is what Vcare said about the list…. When it comes to customer care across major industries, like Retail & E-Commerce, Wireless & Telecommunications, and Healthcare, there are plenty of smart minds out there. As a leader in outsourced customer service solutions, the customer care specialists at Vcare voted on fifty of the top thought leaders in our space. These experts make up our inaugural list of the Vcare Top ...

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